Inclusive Theology and Paul’s Quadrilateral

Jesus is the way!

Trans and homosexual people for a long time lived with a single conviction about your sexuality: “God loves me, but I don’t accept. I have to change “. Are not rare times that if you hear among the Christians “God loves the sinner, but gets bored of sin” to justify the condemnation of all that featured a different orientation that considered “standard”. Such expression of fact is the result of a theological reflection on the behavior of Christ, but does not reveal, under any circumstances, any kind of rejection by him in relation to the individual’s sexuality that at no time did Jesus made no mention of the issue.

For centuries on end many lived your sexuality away from God and the consequence of this is the same thing that happens with any human being. Whatever your sexual orientation, how to teach the bible “abyss calls another abyss” (Psl 42:7).

The goal of Inclusive Theology, on the opposite way of this, is to bring a word of truth through the historical-critical study of the Scriptures; is to get the truth and the love of God to all, without distinction, it being understood that anyone who wants to take seriously the Gospel of Christ is able to receive the grace of God manifested in their lives through a church where God’s love is available to everyone who wishes to take advantage of it.

By Bible studies which make consistent Inclusive theology you’ll find the answers to live a full life in the presence of God. Come along to the City of Refuge Community deepen in the word, grow in grace and in knowledge through the love of God and the light of the Holy Spirit. Have this certainty: your life will never be the same!

However, although we do use Inclusive theology, in order to fulfill the mission given by God to us for this generation, under the view that God is no respecter of persons (acts 10:34), our doctrinal pillars are based on Paul’s quadrilateral, who are: faith ( Romans 1:14-17), reason (Romans 12:1), experience (Philippians 4:12-13) and Scripture (1 Timothy 4:1-11).

In summary, in order to believe consistently on free inclusive of God is necessary to believe that salvation is given through faith in Christ Jesus; what you need to bring to the Lord a reasonable service, the result of the assimilation of truth of the word; experience with God reveals his character to us extending the possibilities of this experience; and that the Scriptures are the greatest prophecy of God to man.

Therefore, we the City of Refuge Community have the immense desire that your heart opens to the newness of life that He has for you, and you have experiences of faith based on the wonderful word of God, able to transform the man.

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