Hands in Action

The CITY of REFUGE Community recognizes the need to extend hands to all as psychic trauma, suffer or have suffered physical, mental, or emotional as well as physical or verbal abuse, rejection and even of homophobic slant due to sexual orientation.

HANDS IN ACTION: that’s the way it will be the hands of those who are involved in this project. It is with this purpose that we bring into existence an NGO fully geared to assist homosexuals and their families on their traumas, fears, anxieties, aspirations, sorrows and doubts. This support made of spiritual and psychological shape, with properly trained professionals. We want to be the HANDS that will lead the balm to all as they need him.

We are a NON-PROFIT NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION, and may receive funding and donations from the State and private entities. We have a public purpose to cooperate for our civil society, with the longing to find support from the local population to alter certain social aspects, helping our State and performing actions where he can’t reach.