Lanna & Rosania

Pastora Lanna Holder

Lanna Holder was born in Pernambuco’s state, she converted to Protestantism in 1995, at the age of 21. A few months after accepting Jesus’ truth she received the Holy Spirit baptism and a wish for missions was lightened up. She answered immediately with a yes. Various regions of the country were burned up with Gospel fire through her, then she became one of the most known Christian women nowadays to preach and the first women to preach at the Last Hour Gideon’s conference, held annually in Santa Catarina. Countless souls were brought to Christ through her ministrations in Brazil and in other countries. Some circumstances took her away from the pulpits, leading her believe for some years as this was the best thing to do. However, the Holy Spirit began to call her, making her think beyond those circumstances. The good news about inclusive theology began to burn in her heart. The gospel needed to be preached to forgotten people removed from grace by human hands. It was necessary to take those news revealed to her wherever her voice could be reached. She declared: it is possible to live under God’s will and be homosexual.

After lived for years in the United States, Lanna Holder returned to Brazil (2008) with a responsibility: to start with Rosania Rocha to gather people who were based on the Lord’s word, wishing to march towards Heaven. From heart’s God was born in 2011: City of Refuge Church, a dream with its own name, temple, membership and with visibility. In the same year, Lanna Holder is anointed as a pastor.


Pastora Rosania Rocha

Rosania Rocha was born in Minas Gerais, she was chosen by God to declare the cross message using songs, rhythm and music. She was led by the Lord to the United States, where she carried out the pastoral ministry, in total was 10 years over there. Her career as a gospel singer developed in such a way that in 2002 she became one of the best brazilian singers in that country, she was invited to sing in main Christian events. Rosania answered Christ’s call and realized that her voice would be an instrument to impact crowds, to heal and baptize with the Holy Spirit. She became aware of the inclusive theology in 2010, she was still in the United States. Back in Brazil, once again she put herself available for God’s Kingdom, and together with Lanna Holder made City of Refuge born, where she grazes approximately a thousand members, she is also leader of the music department. Rosania recorded songs that became known, among them “Santo é o Senhor” and “Lutando e vencendo”; She always seeks to reinvent herself, without abandoning her roots, and has recently released pop rock songs (O bem que Ele me fez and Ser Humano, with a clip recorded in the United States). Her last recorded song, Redenção, became quite well-known with mixes of pop-rock and rap. As a minister of praise, she led the church to an ever-increasing level of worship, breaking spiritual barriers and leading the City of Refuge Church to breakdown and awareness that praise should reach God’s heart as pleasing offer.

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