Purpose Non-Negotiable

The CITY of REFUGE COMMUNITY is ready. The projects that were generated in God’s hearts were born in our hearts, and in a timely manner to say that was a fruit designed about supernatural circumstances.

We were brought into existence on the expectation of redeeming LIVES and we will not falter to proceed to the target that is proposed by the heavens. On all aspects and circumstances we have irrefutable belief that this purpose is non-negotiable.

We are not born on the aspect of raising a flag, but with the Mission of having you as our only flag. A church that loves everyone and does not exclude anyone, a church that longs to be a PLACE to the CHOSEN ONES, by the conviction that God is no respecter of persons.


When this Church began to be generated in the womb of those who yearned for it, our biggest challenges were our financial limitations and our dependence on the Father favors to promote the beginning of that which we have highlighted as a great work. A work that took about two years to be fully raised. There were two years of prayer, in which each invested a little of your dreams. From all sides there were sacrifices and especially waivers. The only sure thing we had was that we were walking toward a purpose of God for a great work.

We are optimistic about the results we will have: souls!

And no matter the Sambalates, Tobias and the rest of our enemies who will try to stop us. We tell them that we put our hands on the plow and don’t look back. We’re doing a great work in such a way that we cannot get down from here!